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2022-09-01 The Great Symbol Drain of Christianity: Neil Postman and the Postmodern ChurchExplorations in Media Ecology2022-09-01
2020-01-01 Sparking joy or sparking narcissism? A Western appropriation of the KonMari method.Atlantic Journal of Communication..  30:132-145. 2020-01-01


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2020-01-01 Problems with the Public: SNL’s Citizen Journalists and the Pragmatic Debate on the Nature of Democracy..  John Wiley & Sons LTD. 177-186. 2020-01-01


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2016-01-01 Harry Potter, World War II, and the Banality of Evil. In Media Res.mediacommons. 2016-01-01


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  • Kati Elizabeth Sudnick