• Dr Jean Gordon, RN earned her BS in Nursing from the University of Miami in 1974, returning to advance her education as an adult she earned her MS in HRM from Nova Southeastern University in 1997 and completed her Doctorate in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern in 1999. She has earned specializations at the Doctorate level in Human Resource Management, Marketing and Research Methods and in early 2010 completed a Masters of Science in Nursing from Kaplan University and a Masters of Business Administration in 2015 with a specialization in Accounting. Recently in 2018, she has completed a Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Purdue Global University. She has worked extensively in upper management in Marketing, Accounting and Human Resource Management in both the domestic and global environments. She is published extensively in the areas of Human Resource Management, Talent Strategy for Retention and Knowledge Management and is active in local and national professional associations of SHRM, ASTD, WHEN, AOM, and AHIMA.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2023-03-01 A Systems Approach to Scaffolding Learning in Healthcare Administration EducationJournal of Health Administration Education.  39:489-502. 2023-03-01
    2023-03-01 How prepared are you? A preview of the 4th Industrial Revolution’s Impact on Healthcare Human Resources -- HR PulseHR Pulse2023-03-01
    2022-12-01 An Ecosystem Approach to Mentoring Diverse CommunitiesThe Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching.  6:115-121. 2022-12-01
    2022-12-01 Running on Empty - Quiet Quitting, Disengagement, and the Realities of Productivity -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  Winter:15-17. 2022-12-01
    2022-09-01 Preceptors: How are you Feeling Today? Four Strategies for Creating a Culture of Wellbeing -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  16-19. 2022-09-01
    2022-06-01 The Rise of the Travel Nurse – Tips for Attracting and Retaining Short-Term Nurses -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  23-26. 2022-06-01
    2022-05-01 Micro-Mentoring: Small Interactions Can Have Broad Career Altering Impact on Learner Career ProgressionJournal of Health Administration Education.  38:1001-1010. 2022-05-01
    2021-12-01 A Case for Diversity — Strategies for Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Leadership Team -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  24-25. 2021-12-01
    2021-12-01 Intergenerational Micro-mentoring: Addressing Ageism and Inclusion in the WorkplaceThe Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching.  5:39-44. 2021-12-01
    2021-10-01 Back in focus: Increasing sustainability in healthcare – A focus on top trends -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  18-19. 2021-10-01
    2021-06-01 Antecedents of Nursing Faculty Organizational Commitment: Exploring Job SatisfactionJournal of Education Human Resources.  39:350-368. 2021-06-01
    2021-05-01 Strengthening Skills: Developing Today's HR Healthcare Professional for the Skills of Tomorrow -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  14-16. 2021-05-01
    2021-03-01 In Transition: Supporting Competency Attainment in Black and Latinx StudentsJournal of Competency Based Education.  6:1-7. 2021-03-01
    2020-12-01 Human Resource Management in the Time of COVID-19: How a Pandemic Redefined the Adoption and Impact of Telemedicine in Health CareHR Pulse.  20-21. 2020-12-01
    2020-06-01 Teleworking in Health Care: Considerations for Preparedness -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  14-17. 2020-06-01
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    2013-03-01 Inhibiting Factors for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technology Projects.Journal of Global Business and Technology.  Vol. 9:26-36. 2013-03-01
    2012-12-01 Continuous Improvement Using Balanced Scorecard In Healthcare.American Journal of Health Sciences.  Vol 3,:185-188. 2012-12-01
    2011-06-01 Diversity in Health CareJones and Bartlett.  Chapter 2. 2011-06-01
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    2003-10-01 Internet Security and the Tragedy of the CommonsInternational Business & Economics Research Journal.  1:67-72. 2003-10-01
    Beyond the Pivot: Essential Considerations for Fostering Success in Multimodal Instruction in the Time of COVID-19Journal of Health Administration Education


    Year Title Altmetric
    2005-06-01 Diversity in health care. In N. Borkowski (Ed.), Organizational behavior in health care (pp. 15-42). -- Organizational Behavior in Healthcare.  Jones and Bartlett. pp. 15-42. 2005-06-01


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