• Dr. Huelskamp teaches K-12 health education methods, health behavior theory, and health content courses to prepare teacher candidates for internships and future teaching positions.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2023-05-01 Pilot Study: Awareness and Perceptions of K-12 Educators on the Signs and Symptoms of Type-1 DiabetesInternational Journal of Nursing Health Care Sciences.  03:2023-248. 2023-05-01
    2018-10-01 Lessons learned from implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based sex education pilot program for minority adolescent femalesAmerican Journal of Health Studies.  33:196-205. 2018-10-01


    Research Overview

  • Teacher licensing assessments, school garden impact on health outcomes, culturally inclusive health education
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    Teaching Overview

  • Human Sexuality and Development, K-12 Health Education Methods and Materials, Nutrition, Obesity, Health Behavior Theory
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  • Amelia C Huelskamp