• Beth's research is on organisms and processes in estuarine areas where the sea is in close contact with land, and where humans have changing influences on the environment. Stable isotopes and microbial indicators are her methods of choice to trace changing nutrient and organic matter sources to the water column, sediments, and organisms throughout the food web.
  • Research Overview

  • - Benthic-pelagic processes in estuaries, including nutrient cycling and ecosystem metabolism - Anthropogenic effects on estuarine systems, including nutrient inputs and climate change - Paleo proxies in estuarine sediments (cores) and biogenic structures (bivalve shell) - Shellfish ecology - Nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen stable isotopes - Pollution ecology, especially fecal indicator microbiology - Estuarine field experiments
  • Teaching Overview

  • Teaching includes undergraduate ecology and marine science courses at UNCW and mentoring undergraduate research projects.
  • Full Name

  • Elizabeth Slayton Darrow